Henrik Waarum & Åsmund Engesland   Contact:  info@osloform.no    

Henrik Waarum & Åsmund Engesland 

Contact:  info@osloform.no 



Who are we?

Founded in January 2015, Osloform is a bureau consisting of two Norwegian designers: Åsmund Engesland and Henrik Waarum. The duo has their background from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Electronics Developer at the University of Oslo. The designers has partly been teaching at relevant schools such as Oslo School of Arcitecture(AHO), Oslo National Academy of the Arts(KHIO) and Einar Granum Kunstfagskole. 


How we work?

Skilled in different areas within the field our strengths are material knowledge and knowhow & CAD. We are Hands-ON designers that love to be in the studio prototyping and dwelling on material aesthetics and user experience.  Through the last 3 years we have been working mostly  with furniture and accessories for the private marked, spanning from the Hifi Stereo: Serpentine to delicate wooden bowls and tables. 

Lately, a warm breeze has led us into an intriguing and challenging path working with more spacial projects. Still drawing furniture and designing for the people we are now moving into new territory, focusing on the Art Institutions and Public Space. The latest projects can be seen under "Artform" on our page. We are the GoTo bureau when you need great looking, local made furniture!