As a young company based out of Norway, Osloform is constantly developing and producing fine interior pieces targeting the high-end marked. By sourcing components from well established brands like Bang&Olufsen and Seiko, we feel confident enough to promise you the highest possible quality.

Osloform stilte ut på verdens viktigste interiør- og møbelmesse i Milano
botrend.no We met Osloform at Salone Satellite today. Together with other young designtalents they’re showing their best products here in Milan; “Serpentine” studio, “Sweep Table Clock” and the brand new shelving system. @osloform
— https://www.instagram.com/p/BEMKpuqvPa5/
Blant de 33 nøye utvalgte designerne, var designstudioet Osloform. Med klokken Sweep, bordbeskytter Impeller og stereoen Serpentine laget i anledning en vårutstilling på DOGA, viste det firemanns store designstudioet at de nå er på full fart inn i det gode selskap.
— http://botrend.no/2016/01/10/se-opp-for-osloform/
When it comes to Scandinavian design, Norway is too often the overlooked middle child, vying for attention against its Nordic siblings Sweden and Denmark. But the Land of the Midnight Sun is set to have its moment in the spotlight, as Tent London gears up to host the next edition of 100% Norway, opening next week during the London Design Festival.
— http://www.wallpaper.com/design/100-norway-the-ones-to-watch-at-tent-london#127067
Det er tydelig at trendene har snudd og at vi går mot en periode med større fokus på kvalitet, etisk produksjon og mer detaljert design.
— http://www.paradisinterior.no/#!Besøk-på-Oslo-Design-Fair/tszmp/56ae264f0cf2dc1600d966c1
Osloform finds lux uses for industrial materials: its brass-fitted Serpentine stereo uses Valchromat, a resin-bonded, dyed wood-fibre panel. Inside are two 50W single-ended Class D amplifiers from ICEpower, an RIAA phono preamp, and 10cm Tang Band bamboo-paper-cone drivers
— http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2016/01/gear/best-norwegian-design
Norwegian design studio Osloform’s new ‘Serpentine’ stereo is easy on the eye, as well as the ear for switched-on music lovers...
— http://www.thedesignfizz.com/launchpad/2016/3/2/osloform
Trefjøla is a Norwegian-based brand bringing the cutting board into its deserved spotlight.
— http://www.trefjola.com/home