Waarum & Engesland

Waarum & Engesland


Founded on 1 January 2015, Osloform is a designstudio consisting of two Norwegian designers:  Åsmund Engesland and Henrik Waarum. The duo has their background from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and electronics developer at the University of Oslo. We believe in an honest approach. In our work, a devotion to materiality, sustainability and user experience is something we think ads great value. 


- Kristiansand Kunsthall


- Fotogalleriet


- Designers Saturday



Unika Auction 2017 - Designers Saturday

Nordic design Fair 2015 (DogA)

100% Norway 2015

100% Norway 2016

Salone Satellite 2016

Zagreb Design Week 2016

10 Year Anniversary Show Northern Lighting 2016

Oslo Design Fair 2016

Salone Satellite 2017

Snømannen av Jo Nesbø (release2017)